Benchtop Analyzers (rates)

    Instrument Optical Layout
    Fortessa X20 5-18 click here
    Fortessa 4-15 HTS click here
    Fortessa 4-15 click here
    LSRII 4-12 click here
    LSRII 3-8 click here
    BD Accuri C6 2 lasers/4 detectors

    Cell Sorters (rates)

    Instrument Optical Layout
    BD FACSAria Fusion 5-18 click here
    BDFACS AriaIIIu 4-15 click here
    BDFACS AriaII 4-15 click here

    Imaging Flow Cytometer (rates)

    Instrument Optical Layout
    Image Stream MarkII click here

    Mass Cytometer (rates)

    The CyTOF/Helios Mass Cytometer can measure up to 37 markers on a cell-by-cell basis. Antibodies are linked with heavy metal isotopetags that provide a discrete signature for every marker.

    The CAT facility will support your mass cytometry project in various ways. Dr. Laura Johnston, CAT Facility Associate Scientific Director, supports all CyTOF projects. She is the main contact and provides assistance with all aspects of the experiment, including panel design and experimental design. Mike Olson, Laboratory Manager, is the primary Helios operator and runs the samples for you. He also assists with troubleshooting technical issues that may arise. Finally, the CAT facility has a number of metal-tagged antibodies and custom metal conjugation kits available in a Reagent Bank. They are sold at cost rate in the quantity that you need to run your experiment.

    Multiplexing (rates)

    Luminex 200

    Complimentary Auxilary Instruments

    Orbital plate shaker
    BioTek ELx405
    Vortemp 56
    Smart Tube Base Loader